Fitbit Friends

ad56-800By now, everyone has heard of Fitbit, right? If not…you probably won’t see this blog anyway.

Well, I got a Fitbit for Christmas and from the looks of it, a good majority of the UNC campus got one too. If you haven’t heard, it’s the greatest thing ever. I thought I would have gotten bored with it by now, but I’m still going strong! By no means has it made me a workout guru or anything, but I am really into this new quantified lifestyle.

One of my more recent, and arguably greatest, discoveries with the Fitbit is the “friends” aspect. Although, my sister is the only Fitbit friend I currently have. What’s great about having Fitbit friends is that you can challenge them to step competitions. Unfortunately for me, my sister is taking step aerobics for her PE this semester and ran a 5k last weekends, so I’ve lost every challenge.

Initially I was going to add more friends on Fitbit, but I’ve temporarily decided against it. I’m not sure I want people to know how few steps I take some days. It’s an odd concept that this bracelet allows me to see how active or inactive people are. It’s not a bad thing, but what will the Fitbit of the future look like?

I could eventually challenge people to the best heart rate, temperature or blood pressure. TMI, am I right? But hey, maybe it will be a good way to keep up a healthy lifestyle.


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