Super Bowl and Social Media

The Super Bowl is one of the few times when people actually want to watch commercials. Because of it’s popularity, a 30-second Super Bowl advertisement costs $4.5 million.

With a price tag that high, no wonder advertisers want to get every bang for their buck. Brands like Budweiser exemplify the potential success an ad can have from a successful social media strategy.


A common strategy among Super Bowl advertisers is to prerelease ads on YouTube and share them across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Budweiser has done it again, tugging on everyone’s heart stings with its famous Clydesdale and puppy duo. The video has over 14 million views and at least 20 of my Facebook friends have shared or liked it.

Brands have shifted their marketing focus to social campaigns, using social media to increase viewer and consumer engagement.However, bandwagon advertising is becoming increasingly prevalent and has the potential to change the commercial structure of the Super Bowl.

Volvo opted out of a TV advertisement entirely, and will be running a Twitter contest instead. Depending on its success, it is likely that other brands will follow suit in the coming years.


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