A GIF is worth a thousand words

Emojis have been a great way to spice up a bland texting conversation and add a little something extra, don’t you think? Emojis help convey tone in a message. But, you can forget about emojis. With Riffsy you can share animated GIFs within a text, tweet or email without the painstaking load time. The GIF keyboard mirrors the emoji set up, but the GIFs are categorized with specific hashtags, i.e. #hairflip, #mindblown, etc.


Now we really can communicate without having to type out a single thing, just copy and paste it as a GIF, video or URL. Another Riffsy feature is that users can even create their own GIFs, further personalizing a text. My personal favorite GIF category is the one with sound. The Katy Perry Super Bowl shark GIF I sent was even funnier with the sound.

The GIF keyboard definitely takes things up a notch when it comes to texting. However,  what makes Riffsy unique is it’s that is that is recognizes the importance of current events, thike the #superbowlads and #superbowl.


Maintaining relevancy ensures Riffsy will not fizzle and be forgotten any time soon. Similar to Snapchat’s “Our Story,” which features pictures and videos from events like the X Games, Australia Day, Groundhog Day, etc., GIFs that relate to current events will entice users interact with the keyboard. Some people may have doubts, but I think Riffsy has unlimited potential, considering we still laugh at the same GIFs on BuzzFeed.


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