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We’ve been talking a lot recently about body image distortion in the media and its effect on women. Aside from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, models do not look that good in real life. At least, that is what I’ll keep telling myself. But no matter how often we tell ourselves, “They are not real,” its hard not to want to look airbrushed and beautiful all the time.

So, naturally, there is an app for that. Yes, there is an app that whitens you teeth and airbrushes your flaws. Visage Lab lessens the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone and zits. It’s the Swiss Army knife of retouching apps.

Although beautification apps feed into our vanity and raise questions of body image issues, Visage Lab works with what you got. It doesn’t try to make you ten pounds lighter or give you a thigh gap. You still look like yourself, which is the best part about it.

I’m not a huge advocate for people going crazy with the filters and retouches. I mean, I know what you look like in real life, so you’re not fooling me. However, if you are not having the most photogenic day, this would be the app to use.

Smart phones eliminate the need for computers in the photo uploading process. Because you can upload pictures from your phone, you no longer need to plug in your digital camera or memory card. This also eliminates the opportunity to edit your pictures before posting, so apps like Visage Lab are not going to go away any time soon. Not only that, but these apps are only going to get more sophisticated. We are going to look so good in the cyber world, because thats all we care about these days, or so we are told.


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