Where do I put my hands?

Skype interviews may be the new norm for some people, but they remain a conundrum to me. I’m preparing for my first Skype interview, and my biggest concerns have nothing to do with the company interviewing me. I’m mostly concerned with the potential awkwardness.

Sure, I use FaceTime, but thats to talk to my family and friends. With them I don’t have to worry about my unmade bed in the background, a double chin or poor lighting.This is nothing like FaceTime. I at least know who I’m talking to with that. I’m not prepared to virtually meet my interviewer. Shaking hands is obviously out, so should I go with a small wave?

Although it is virtual, Skype is so much more intimate than a real life interview. I mean, they are going to see the inside of my bedroom and judge me for it. My bedding and lamp shade choices will be factored in to determine if I am qualified for the job. My artwork could also be a potential hazard. There could be an issue if they don’t like giraffes as much as I do. Best to play it safe and take everything down.

I’ve thought about alternative locations, but my bedroom is the safest bet for avoiding interruptions and ensuring a strong internet connection. Also, the lighting around my kitchen table is weird because of all the windows.

So, there went an hour of interview prep.

I presumed Skype was some impersonal, fast, cheap way to get an interview done without the hassle of flights, hotel rooms etc. Clearly, I hadn’t put much thought into it because Skype is extremely personal. Public relations is all about communication, so Skype is a great tool to assess and weed out candidates quickly. A person’s ability to interact virtually is indicative of his or her ability to interact in real life. If you’re awkward in the comfort of your own home, you might not be the best person for the job.


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