Twitter wars

I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter — gasp. I intentionally removed the app from my phone because I never used it. This could be a huge career mistake for the Journalism student that I am, but I think the bigger mistake would be to show people the 14 or so tweets I do have. Despite my inability to brand myself on Twitter, I understand what a powerful asset it can be for generating the oh so important buzz organizations, schools, companies, etc. want.

Like I said, I don’t check Twitter, but when tweets create enough of a stir, they reach people outside of the Twitter-sphere. Not surprisingly, the UNC-Dook rivalry gets a lot of media attention. We even made Snapchat’s Our Story last night, meaning anyone with Snapchat could watch the Cameron Crazies up close. Facebook was also ablaze with articles, statuses and pictures about our rivalry’s history and what makes it so unique, i.e., proximity, talent etc.

What really caught my attention was the DTH article about the Twitter-feud between UNC’s Ackland Art Museum and Duke’s Nasher Museum. Not only was it hilarious to see what they came up with, but it was a great PR move for both schools. The tweets were clever and witty, pulling inspiration from each museum’s respective collections. Ackland Art Museum initiated the fight:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.03.02 PM

Nasher Museum responded with two tweets a few hours later and then the back-and-forth continued for an impressive amount of time. Had Duke not responded, Ackland Art Museum’s tweet would not have created that much of an impact. Both museums partook in the rivalry fun, which is exactly how Twitter should be used. Museums are filled with antiquated artifacts, and Twitter helps bring them to life, interacting with the present and current conversation. Not only did Ackland and Nasher join the conversation, but they received notice because they executed it so well.


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