The Dress

I hope I’m not joining the party too late, but I’ve been thinking a lot about #TheDress. I too was captivated by its dark magic. It was white and gold for a solid hour and then mysteriously changed to black and blue. Thursday night, my friends and I spent a good hour searching the Internet for answers as to how this could happen, updating our Instagram feeds for more information.

As Jasmine said, social media has the power to make a small story go viral. It can make us think about something we would not have ordinarily; and, if it is popular enough, it will travel up to the news outlets.

I had a late dinner with my mom Friday night after her flight was canceled. She had been in the airport for over seven hours, waiting on a flight that kept getting delayed. Now I don’t know about you, but if I was alone in the airport with time to kill, I could guarantee you that I would have killed time looking at social media, checking it every few minutes to see if there were any updates. However, when I asked my mom about the dress, she had no idea what I was talking about. Seven hours at the airport, loading on and off the plane twice, and it didn’t come up! Between waiting at the gate, on the plane and in line at the information desk, she hadn’t heard or seen a thing about it.

It’s not like my mom isn’t social; she was, after all, on her way to a girls trip in Austin. But instead of staring at her phone, she talked to the people around her about where they were traveling and what they were doing. One girl on the plane was even headed to Australia. Another couple was on their way to a rodeo. My mom didn’t spend seven hours with her head in her phone like I would have.

I think that is a good thing. As a society, we need to be more like my mom; after all, who cares about this stupid dress. It is meaningless. Just because it seemed like everyone was talking about it, it wasn’t and isn’t important. It’s better to actually be social than be on social media. Social media isn’t necessarily “social.” It makes you anti-social, if anything.


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