Which side is your good side?

Snow, Jamaican me crazy (pun intended). Spring break is only a week away, and it couldn’t come any sooner. I’m sick of the cold muddy slush and ready for a tan. I’ve already started laying out my outfits and deciding which bathing suits I’m going to bring. This could be seen as going a bit overboard, but packing can be pretty overwhelming when you have to fit everting in a cary-on bag. However, it has made it easier by the multiple Facebook albums of the grade ahead, which did the same trip. From looking through their photos, I have a good idea of what to expect and what to wear.

As Lindsey and Hallie mentioned, we make, save and share memories so differently than the generation before us. Not only do we share pictures with our families, but also with 1,000 of our closest friends on social media. Because we are sharing our pictures with so many people, we want to look our best. After all, who knows who could be looking at them a year from now when they are trying to decide what to pack. With digital technology, we have total control. Goodbye embarrassing photos, hello delete button. We can edit our lives and display it however we want. Now, we have filters and apps that make it even easier.

While digital has made things easier, it has also changed our mentality regarding the good old Kodak moment. We’ve started taking pictures and crafting them for Facebook and Instagram rather than taking them to remember a moment. Our appearance becomes more important that enjoying the moment. I’m guilty of it too, but when a group of girls gets together to take a picture, it’s never ONE picture. Someone looks fat, someone wasn’t smiling, someone didn’t like the way they smiled etc. Ten pictures later and you finally have one that is ‘Insta-worthy.’ No one wants to miss an opportunity for a new profile pic, nor do they want their friend’s friend to see a bad picture of them. The digital era could really be causing narcissism, but that’s an issue for another time.

Social media has given us the urge to update our friends and followers on our lives. We want to stay relevant, so we have to keep posting for the system to work. It’s not just a way to save photos, it’s a way to communicate with people, so you feel the need to post semi-regularly. If you go to Jamaica and don’t post a picture, did you really go to Jamaica?




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