Take a picture, it will last longer

IMG_5636 IMG_6222

Im 21; it’s about time that I’ve had my five minutes of fame. Is that too much to ask? All of spring break I posted cool pictures, tagging @DrinksInTheAir and @DrinkAroundTheWorld, hoping that they would repost me. I even went public to ensure my fame. But almost a week has past and still, nothing.

After watching the video, “I forgot my phone,” in class yesterday, it made me question whether or not I was the annoying friend on her phone. My intentions were primarily entertainment and curiosity. What does it take to get reposted? Similarly, I questioned whether or not I cheapened my experience by forgetting to live in the moment. However, the “live in the moment” argument is only applicable to times when you are not actually in the moment. In taking a picture of my #drinksintheair, I was “in the moment.” If I had been scrolling through other peoples Instagrams or texting someone outside of the people I was around, that would have been me failing to live in the moment.

You can still be in the moment and be on your phone; it just depends on what you are doing with your phone. As Anastasia mentioned, our house used GroupMe to communicate while we were in Jamaica. More than once, we were sitting in a circle messaging each other and sending memes. We were living in the moment because we were all their together, communicating with each other. Had we been sitting in a circle texting other people, we would not have been living in the moment.

Instagram epitomizes the saying, “take a picture, it will last longer.” It could almost be seen as a memory aid, considering the time it takes to select and filter a pic, forcing you to consider the captured moments and pick the best one. If video really is the future of social media, we will be able to relive more memories forever. Videos can recreate moments for people who were not there.

Think about Scarlet (below). She will never be able to live this down. It can’t be unseen, but it can be seen over and over again.


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