Is this my million dollar idea?


You know what would be really helpful? A collaborative calendar app that can be shared with your contacts. Similar to the concept of GroupMe, which allows you to be a part of multiple group messages at one time, you could have multiple shared calendars. You could create a separate calendar for your family, friends from school and/or friends from home that every person could contribute to.

With my sister and I at separate colleges, my parents have to keep up with two sets of schedules. Adelyn (my sister) usually has different breaks than me or class cancelations, so it can get confusing. Similarly, when we are back at home, we can be all over the place with doctors appointments and hanging out with friends, which is a big change for my parents who have been empty nesters. It’s hard to keep track of who is doing what and when. Same goes for me when I try planning to go home for a weekend; it’s nice to know that my parents will be there. A family calendar app would be super helpful. I think there is a Google calendar thing you can do, but an app would be more straightforward and user friendly. It would also be a lot easier to access that kind of information quickly.

The main reason a GroupMe-like calendar app would be awesome is for coordinating with friends. It would be a great way to just make a note of when big events come up or just as you hear about them. In college, it seems as if people are doing something every other weekend, so it can be hard to keep track of. A shared calendar would also help keep you in the loop for when things are happening, like cocktails, formals, concerts etc. You don’t want to be the one person who goes home the weekend everyone is doing something. Talk about FOMO. If you want to go visit someone, this app could be helpful for determining the best weekend to leave. Yeah, I’ll go visit a friend, but its nice to go on a weekend when there is nothing going on in Chapel Hill.

I feel like this is a fairly simple idea that would be extremely helpful, especially now that kids are getting smart phones earlier and earlier. I could also see it developing to where you could follow specific accounts, such as Cats Cradle, to keep up to date on concerts coming to town or a UNC athletics, to stay on top of the football and basketball schedules.


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