YouTube Tutorials


So, I got a calligraphy pen today.

What started as me going to get doughnuts at Rise, turned into me wandering around Michaels with the idea that I am the queen of crafts. The problem with me and arts and crafts stores, is that I want to buy everything. First, I went down the beading isle, which had every bead you could imagine, so naturally, I decided I should make jewelry. The further into the store I got, I became more an more convinced that I needed some new hobby. I decided against paints, because that would be too messy, and settled on a calligraphy pen. I don’t know the first thing about calligraphy, but just being in a craft store, I was convinced that I could figure it out.

I’ve spent the past three hours on YouTube in an attempt to teach myself how to use this pen. I have an exam Tuesday, but studying will just have to wait. Unfortunately, my class blog also went on the back burner. Anyways, three hours later and I can write out the alphabet in about two minutes. Correction: I can write the lowercase alphabet in about two minutes. But that is the beauty of YouTube and mass media. You can learn just about anything from YouTube tutorial. So many options to choose from: make up, dance move, economics, funny animal videos, etc. We can send, share and absorb so much information without leaving our homes. (I could have ordered this pen online and really done it all from home.) YouTube has such a great variety of videos. I searched “calligraphy how to,” and so many things came up. It was such a random thing to look for, but over 120,000 other people had watched one of the videos I clicked on.

The internet allows us to be more spontaneous. I decided to try this today, learned the basics today and will probably be in business by tomorrow. Not really, but people can actually get paid to do calligraphy, so there is still hope. I am starting to get the basics down pat, and I didn’t have to take a class or anything. Just contact me if you want me to address your graduation announcements.


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