Instagram Should Hire Me Already


Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram; but, I have another recommendation. I’m still on the fence about making my Instagram public. I’ve been public for about two weeks, but I’ve gotten cold feet and switched it back to private multiple times. It would be great if you could have a private account with the option to make some posts public. Considering Instagram’s search feature is less than stellar, the explore page is really the only place for you to find accounts of people similar to you (aka people you probably know). However, you can only “explore” accounts that are public. If Instagram offered the ability to keep some posts private, we could keep our profiles public without fearing that weirdo stalkers would come find us.

Furthermore, a semi-public account would be awesome in regards to follower requests. Some people have weird usernames, and if their account is private, it’s hard to determine who they are based on a dime-sized profile picture. When you have a private account, you want to be able to screen who is trying to follow you, so how can you do that when they themselves are private? You can’t. Which is why the semi-public account is a no brainer.


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