The Old Facebook

Last night I was watching the national championship game with a few friends. True to form, with us being millennials and all, we were multitasking with our computers out and phones by our side.

We weren’t about to give Duke basketball our undivided attention. That would be devil worship.

At some point, we started going through our old Facebook statuses circa 2007. Naturally, they were filled with preteen angst, dramatics and song lyrics. Aside from the posts being hilarious, they were also a huge blast from the past.


If you were a late bloomer and didn’t get The Facebook during it’s early years, well, you missed out on some big moments. Yes, it used to be called “The Facebook.”

Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a little video if you want a quick trip down memory lane.

I didn’t get Facebook until 2008, making me a late bloomer compared to my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted one; but, my mom was not a fan of the idea.

Anyways, as my friends and I reflected on the old Facebook last night, we were kind of shocked at how much has really changed.

1. In November of 2007, my friend Nash posted on my other friend Olivia’s wall saying, “I’m typing this on my phone right not…Cool, huh?” He was one of the few people in my grade to get a Blackberry when it first came out. I remember thinking I would never use Facebook on my phone because it took forever to load anything and the display was so small. Boy was I wrong.

2. Newsfeed didn’t exist. If you wanted to see what your friend’s crush was up to, you had to type his name in the search bar. Photo albums didn’t just show up.

3. If you wanted to create an album, you had to pug your digital camera into your family’s desktop computer, upload them to your computer and then go on Facebook. There were so many steps involved.

4. Without a newsfeed, you had to really dig if you wanted to creep on people. You had to go to a specific person’s profile and look through all their wall-to-walls. It was THE thing to do at sleepovers back in the day. Not everyone was on Facebook and tagging didn’t exist, so you could pretty much talk about people with a friend via a wall-to-wall without fear that the person being talked about would find out.


5. Your status automatically began with, “[Your name] is…” and you couldn’t “like” or comment on a status.

6.  Farmville, at least for my group of friends, was taken very seriously.

7. You could add applications to your wall, like graffiti and flair. If you didn’t have cool Flair, you were not cool.

8. You could “poke” people, and they could “poke” you back! You could also send bumperstickers, which were equally as fun.

9. Honesty Box allowed people to anonymously say whatever they wanted to you, good or bad.

10. Lastly, in the “Extended Information” section, you could specify what you were “looking for.” Your options included friendship, dating, a relationship, etc. I guess took care of that one.

Overall, the earlier Facebook changes were pretty drastic. I remember dreading the day my Facebook updated to include a cover photo. It was something I complained about. Now, none of these changes bother or surprise me. I don’t even think about it anymore because I’ve adapted. If Facebook is about to take over the world, it just might be an adapt or die situation.


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