Still, No Taco?

The new, racially diverse emojis are finally here, along with a larger selection of national flags. Still…no taco emoji. I don’t see why they didn’t include it, considering there are like 11 sushi-esq items.


The lack of a taco emoji is just plain disrespectful; however, racial diversity is the most important thing here. We now have different skin tones and hair colors to choose from when we decide to send an emoji. It’s great news. But are the lesbian and gay family emojis not diverse? Maybe my phone is glitching, but they only come in one color: yellow. While the single person emojis offer a variety of diverse options, the family, couple and dancing girl emojis only come in one shade.


The lack of racially diverse family options and the lack of diverse cuisine emojis needs to be addressed. Or maybe I should just turn my phone off and restart it — that seems to be the solution to most tech problems.








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